Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you ship?
Anywhere in the world.  If your country doesn't come up when you place your order, e-mail me and we wlll make sure it is added.
How much is shipping out of the US?
Shipping depends on the number of garments ordered, the weight and destination country . Shipping internationally for one garment usually starts around $17.00;
NOTE: It has come to our attention that some orders are being charged a fee from Customs when your order arrives in your country. We have no control over those charges. If you call your Customs Office, they will be able to give you the guidelines for goods purchased.
Can you make special orders?
Yes, each of our garments can be made to order. Fees for changes are based on the actual changes needed.
I'm really tall (short, thin, heavy) can I get garments to fit me?
If you need minor adjustments, then you can let me know what you want changed in Special Requests on the order form and we will adjust the pattern slightly. Sales are final when changes are made to the basic pattern. Alterations are possible.
Why can't I find the fabric that shows in the photo page as a fabric choice?
Some fabrics can only be ordered for a short time and when the fabric is gone, we can't order more.
Do you make children's sizes?
Children's garments can be specially ordered. Contact Julie to find out the measurements that will be needed.
Can I order a different length of shorts?
Yes, you can order any inseam length you desire. Just let us know in Special Requests on the order form what length inseam you would like.
Can I get low rise pants?
Yes, you can order low rise by Special Requests on the order form.
What is your fabric made of?
The fabric we carry is 80/20--nylon/spandex with good stretch and wicking capabilities.
Are their different weight fabrics?
Most of our fabrics are considered medium weight that can be worn for summer and winter. In the really cold weather, we recommend wearing layers.
Do teams get a discount?
Please ask about possible discounts. Sale and clearance fabrics are already deeply discounted and will not receive an additional  discount.
How do you define a team?
6 or more members ordering garments on one credit card and shipped to one address
Do teams have to order all the same thing?
No as long as the order is shipped to one address and paid with one credit card, then team members may order different garments and different fabrics.
How long does it take to get a team order?
If the fabric is in stock, then a team of less than 30 will be shipped within one week from ordering. If the team is larger, extra time will be needed. Also, if the fabric needs to be ordered, it takes an additional week for the fabric to be delivered from the vendor.